Barrier-free threshold

Public, private and industrial buildings and the appropriate outside facilities need today always a barrier-free entrance. 

The barrier-free window- and door system TKI® 755 makes stepping in and out possible, with absense of a trip hazard. It provides an extremely high tightness and an outstanding thermal separation in between the outside and inside area. That means that passages at ground level with safe sealing can be converted very easily and fast into reality. 

How the patented system works: the two exposed permanent magnets are installed in the aluminium groundprofile and its corresponding counterparts at the bottom of the door. With closed door, the ground magnets are pulled upward and close the gap also without threshold completely. Upon opening of the door, the magnets are separated from each other and return to their original position. The magnetic seals without any threshold are suitable for all TKI aluminium systems and and fulfill the new requirements of accessibility for 100%.


TKI without any trip hazard

The TKI system makes barrier-free building according to DIN 18040-2 possible.